Pet of the Month

Pet of the Month

Pet of the Month

Posted - 29-04-2019

Our Pet of the Month for April is the very handsome Yale.

Yale is a retired assistance dog and sadly 3 months ago, after suffering from gastroenteritis he suddenly lost the use of all 4 of his limbs.

He was diagnosed with a very rare condition called Polyradiculonueritis, which is generalised inflammation of the spinal nerves causing paralysis. Yale came to pet rehab for the first time in March after 6 weeks of intense physiotherapy. He started swimming to try and initiate an instinctive response to keep his head above water, as he had only been moving his hind limbs so far. This was very successful and slowly but surely in each session Yale started to use his front legs more and more.

At the beginning of April, Yale surprised us all by WALKING in to rehab all by himself with no support! So of course he is absolutely deserving of the award for Pet if the Month!

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