Many insurance companies will provide cover for complementary therapies such as physiotherapy and hydrotherapy.

We would advise you to check the terms and condition of your policy and if you are not sure to phone your insurer for advice.

In general clients pay us at the time of treatment and claim the money back from their insurance company. In some cases we can arrange for the insurance company to pay us directly. There is a small fee for this and a deposit is taken. Please contact us for further information about this service.

Things to check with your insurance company:

  • What is your insurance limit?
  • Is complementary therapy covered under you general vets fees limit or is there a separate allowance for this?
  • If a separate allowance - is there an additional excess
  • When does the policy year renew - if you have lifetime cover then treatment will still be covered for an ongoing condition but you may need to pay an additional excess
  • Are there any restrictions on therapy? some companies limit the amount of hydrotherapy for example

Please contact us for further help and advice with this if needed.

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