Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine and investigation of poor performance

The emerging field of sports medicine for dogs encompasses all aspects of caring for our very special companions competing in active disciplines such as agility, obedience, flyball or canicross. It also incorporates fitness training and body conditioning and prevention of injury.

Many of our sporting dogs are high drive and will often continue training and competing despite an injury. This may manifest as reduced performance.

At pet rehab we have a multi disciplinary approach to investigating and treating injuries and poor performance. We can also advise on fitness and conditioning programs tailored to the needs of your particular dog and discipline. We have successfully rehabilitated dogs back to the highest level of competition both in the Uk and internationally

Vet Rachel Mowbray has been competing in agility since 2002 including 7 years internationally on the British Agility team. She has been veterinary surgeon for team GB since 2009 and has a broad range of experience in injury rehabilitation and management of dogs during international travel and high level competition.

The centre has agility equipment for assessment of dogs working and Rachel can also arrange to observe dogs running in competition if necessary as she is frequently there with her own dogs. We run clinics at shows and other locations around the country- please see Facebook or the news section for further information about upcoming clinics.

We also regularly treat dogs from many other disciplines such as obedience, showing, field trials, working gun dogs, flyball, heel work to music, canicross and sled dog events.

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