What is Veterinary Rehabilitation?

What is Veterinary Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is the management of pain to restore movement via a broad range of skills and therapies. We do use painkillers, but as part of a broader clinical approach which aims to identify and treat the underlying cause of pain. Our team is led by a vet who is supported by physiotherapists, chiropractor, bowen therapists and hydrotherapists who work together as a team to ensure that your animal receives the most appropriate treatment.

We are supported by a veterinary orthopaedic surgeon should surgery be necessary.

Is my animal in pain?

Animals are very good at hiding pain, particularly working dogs or sports dogs who really enjoy what they do. Because they can’t tell you they are in pain, you need to recognise the clues which might include:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Reluctance to jump up the way they would normally into a car, onto their bed etc
  • Stiffness or awkwardness in their gait
  • Change in stance when urinating or defaecating
  • Reluctance to settle after exercise or at night

Which therapy is best for my pet?

Usually, a short consultation over the phone will first determine who you are best to see. Or it may be that we have already discussed this with your vet who is referring you to a specific therapist. At your consultation, thorough questions will be asked about your pet’s symptoms, lifestyle and general health. A physical examination (fitness assessment) will look at the whole body not just the isolated area to determine a diagnosis and to form a treatment plan that will return your pet back to a certain level of function or help manage their pain. Our approach at Vet Rehab is that we will cross refer to our different therapists, to make sure you always get the most appropriate treatment.

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